Eat vegetables

Eat less meat and dairy products and more vegetables. Less meat means less wasted energy and a smaller impact on our environment. You can simply start with yourself and stop eating meat on Monday and cook up some meat-free new creative dishes.

Live local

The most simple tip if you want to live more sustainable, life local! The more you can eat, buy and consume local, the better! Through our website you'll find some sustainable gems, exclusively by The Hague entrepreneurs with a passion for the city. Sustainable stores, fair, organic restaurants, parks, sustainable products and local initiatives that makes you feel good.

Air purifying plants

Brighten up your home or office with air-purifying houseplants. They change CO2 into oxygen and filter harmful substances from the air. You will feel much better and you are much more productive with all this clean and fresh oxygen!

Plastic = not fantastic

Do not buy or accept plastic bags. Take your own bag with you before you go shopping. Use glass jars of previously bought food to store leftovers. Super convenient and economical!