We believe you can have a positive impact on the world with every choice you make. Our mission is to inspire and enable you to make social, green and life changing choices. Below you’ll find a dynamic list of pointers to guide you to a healthy and sustainable life. Be our guest to add you tips & tricks! Send an e-mail to


Eat vegetables 
Eat less meat and dairy products and more vegetables. Less meat means less wasted energy and a smaller impact on our environment. You can simply start with yourself and stop eating meat on Monday and cook up some meat-free new creative dishes.

Straight from the land
Fruits and vegetables directly from the local countryside, have way more flavor and also are much richer in minerals and vitamins. The Hague has a fantastic initiative; lekkernassuh. For just EUR 10,00, you’ll get a bag full of vegetables and fruits.

Eat seasonal products 
Seasonal fruits and veggies require less energy, storage and packaging. In addition, seasonal products simply tastes much better because they are fresh. The Vegetable and Fruit Calendar Netherlands gives you handy information on all the seasonal products.

Eat local 
Eat regional products and at local restaurants. This is not only super tasty and interesting, you also support the local population and economy. Moreover, you save a lot of (transportation) costs and ultimately saves you money.

Eat your own products
Doing your own cooking and with fresh products is healthier because you decide what you put into it. Often it seems more work at first. But with a small investment of time in preparation, you can simply make most pre-fab products yourself and it’s super simple. Free of all unnecessary and even addictive junk!

Drink pure nature
Drinking water is very healthy for you! By drinking lots of tap water, you do not buy unhealthy sodas, juices with high sugar or spring water in a bottle or package. This will cost you less money but it’s also very sustainable. Because you save on packaging and production which is bad for the environment.



Save energy
Purchase LED bulbs and make sure the lights are off when you leave a room, shower a little faster or turn off the tap when you’re soaping up. This immediately saves energy consumption and cost.

No lights
Turn off the lights and create a cozy atmosphere by lighting some candles.

Heating policy 
Are you cold? Try a thick sweater instead of a T-shirt and cuddle up.

Looking for a new way of going on holiday? Take a train or bus! See something of the environment and be more environmentally friendly at the same time.

No = No
With a “No / No” to ads – sticker on the door you will save a lot of advertising materials. In addition, you won’t get tempted to buy anything. This will also save you some cash.

Save money and recycle!
Organize a clothing swap or sell your old stuff online as we do. Buy second hand or swap with friends.


Plastic = not fantastic. 
Do not buy or accept plastic bags. Take your own bag with you before you go shopping. Use glass jars of previously bought food to store leftovers. Super convenient and economical!

We now have electric scooters and cars. Quiet and clean. Grab your bike more often. Longboarding is also an amusing way of transportation. Cheap, clean and good for your health.

Shop long-lasting
If you buy some new clothes, shop for products with a minimal impact on the world. A perfect wardrobe is simple rather than excessive. A carefully curated personal wardrobe should be created to last and evolve over time. Choose items that are created to be long lasting in both quality and style.


Brighten up your home or office with air-purifying houseplants. They change CO2 into oxygen and filter harmful substances from the air. You will feel much better and you are much more productive with all this clean and fresh oxygen!

Buy and cook consciously 
In the average home during a year, about six shopping carts full (worth EUR 250.00) of food is disposed of. Much of this is simple to avoid: bought too much, cooked too long or stored too long. If you buy too much or have leftovers of a delicious dinner, stick the remains in the freezer or invite some friends for a spontaneous dinner party!

Properly dispose of trash
Separating trash is always good. It makes it easier and cheaper to recycle so it can be made into new products.


3 is the magic number!
A simple list to live by Jack Johnson 3 R-song as a reminder!
* Reduce, do I really need this?
* Reuse, think before you trash it! Can I make someone happy with this?
* Recycle, can it be recycled?