Time for BedtimeStories “The YOLO Show”

On Tuesday, January 17 at 7:30 pm the YOLO (You-Only Live Once) Show is premiering in the Zuiderstrandtheater. This is a unifying and musical performance made by both young and old talent.

Rooftop farm the UF002 Schilde

Crisp, green lettuces and juicy, shiny tomatoes are thriving on a city rooftop and fish are swimming one floor down. Urban farming is the future and the future is right here in The Hague, just a few kilometers from city center. The largest urban rooftop farm in Europe is called UF002 The Schilde!

Haagse Heerlijkheid

All wine tasters listen very carefully because in The Hague at Haagse stadswijngaard you can enjoy delicious The Hague wine! "Haagse Heerlijkheid" (means The Hague Glory) is wine from the city vineyard of The Hague located in Laakkwartier.

Trade your belongings with your neighbours at Weggeefhoek070

Are you looking for some new furniture or new shoes? Forget spending more money on new articles. Go to FaceBook account "Weggeefhoek070". With a little luck you can score that one item you always wanted to have!

Meditating together with your neighbours

Meditating together in the comfort of your own or someone else's living room. Check this great initiative of the Stadsverlichting website, where people can open homes to meditate together with others and share an hour of silence, love and relaxation.

Krijg de Kleertjes

Are the clothes of your child too small? Forget spending more money on fast fashion or plastic toys.

Share your dish with your neighbours

Eating freshly cooked food  is the pilar of a healthy lifestyle. However, sometimes you just lack the time (or discipline) to go out shopping for fresh ingredients and prepare a hearty meal for you and your family.

Organic fruits and vegetables from Lekkernassûh

Attention all organic fruit & vegetables lovers! There is now avordable way to eat organic fruit & vegetables directly from our local farmers.