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A feast for body and mind at The Hague Filmhuis

A great action flick can certainly be entertaining but for the real cinematic gems one needs to go to the The Hague Filmhouse.

Arts & crafts by Scrap XL

Still looking for something to do with your kids during the autumn break? Join us next Wednesday at

Piece in the park

On sunday the 25th of September you are welcome to visit a really cool event at the Palace Garden in The Hague, Peace in the park. Take inspiration from your relationship with peace and consider using that proactively. Everyone desires peace. You too can practice peace, and apply it to yourself and to others in your immediate surroundings.

Floating cultural festival experience Haagse ParkPracht

Choreographer Lonneke van Leth presents the Haagse Parkpracht, a floating cultural festival experience on 26th and 27th of August. Take a boat tour of The Hague’s Westbroekpark and enjoy a drink and snack and be surprised by various acts of opera, acrobatics, dance and music.

Meditation concert with Arianne and Avi Adir

Attention to all Yogis! This friday a meditation concert at the Delight Yoga studio. For this special event Avi and Arianne join forces.

De Imkerijdag

Honey is one of the most natural products that we know. This golden-yellow substance is made by the bee. These hardworking insects get nectar from flowers and store them in a hive.

Drijf-in movie at cocktailbar Spark

On Friday, June 24th opened the first drive-in movie theater in The Hague its doors to the Mauritskade in The Hague. You can enjoy, while sipping a cocktail and little snack from your boat or at the cozy Spark terrace watching the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise.

Sands Songs – playing the elements at the Zandmotor

Come and explore the Zandmotor as a playground for new sensory experiences! Artist-run platform iii invited a group of artists to make new, interactive works that engage with the open space and natural elements, and that playfully engage the audience.