How to water your houseplants while on vacation

The holiday period is just around the corner, but help, who take cares for our plants? With a little help you are ensure that your roommates also still stay green and looks healthy when you are coming back from your holiday. There are different methods and it depends partly on how many plants you have, what kind of pot and how big they are.

Yoga a workout for body and mind

Practicing Yoga is immensely popular in The Hague. It is a workout for body and mind. They are stretching exercises combined with breathing techniques that you learn to relax and increase flexibility of your body.

Glass jars lamp

Everyone knows that empty glass jars belong in the glass container, but you can also save them and use them for something else. From hanging lamp into a flower vase. Or a decorative lantern to a glass stock pot for home, the possibilities are endlessly.

Ganesha Mantra brings success and remove obstacles

Ganesha is a Hindu god with an elephant head. It is a mythological figure which brings knowledge and wisdom. Ganesha clears obstacles and barriers out of the way so everything will flow again.

Mini Cocottes with egg and cheese

You've probably seen those cute little oven pans? They called them Mini Cocottes and there have been very popular for a while. And that doesn't surprise me. Everything you create in these pans looks so nice and tasty! One of our favorite recipes called Oeufs en Cocotte in Dutch it called egg in little pan.