Day of Tolerance

Today is the International Day of Tolerance, which is a initiative by the United Nations. We live in troubled times. Times in which we do not always appreciate each other.

Mini Cocottes with egg and cheese

You've probably seen those cute little oven pans? They called them Mini Cocottes and there have been very popular for a while. And that doesn't surprise me. Everything you create in these pans looks so nice and tasty! One of our favorite recipes called Oeufs en Cocotte in Dutch it called egg in little pan.

JUIZ~S detox treatment

JUIZ~S is a company that provides cold pressed juices for a 3, 5 or a 6 day detox treatment. All juices are cold pressed, meaning no vitamin loss due to heating and no added substances.

Overstock dagen

The retailers, studios, hotels and restaurants make a clean sweep of their business and sell everything they no longer use.

Krijg de Kleertjes

Are the clothes of your child too small? Forget spending more money on fast fashion or plastic toys.