Welcome friend, we are dutch-bees. 
As a colony of passionate friends driven to live a healthy and simple life, we are on the lookout in The Hague for everything to contribute to your sustainable, mindful and healthy lifestyle. So please join us and be inspired by dutch-bees. We are your compass on vast oceans of possibilities to live simply so others can simply live!

Assortment of fruits and vegetables


Want to become more sustainable? Here you’ll find a dynamic list of tips and tricks to guide you to a healthy and sustainable life. The most simple and easy peasy tip if you want to live more sustainable, Eat Vegetables and eat less meat! Less meat means less wasted energy and a smaller impact on our environment. You can simply start with yourself and stop eating meat on Monday and cook up some meat-free new creative dishesFind more tips >>


We want to make it easy to shop sustainable options out there. Here are our favourite dutch-bees proof goodies.
Did you know that you can do your laundry with peels? What with peels!? Yessss, the peels of the Sapindus Mukorossi fruit do your laundry in a natural way. Check out what eco brand Seepje does with it.  Read more >>



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In The Hague we’re surrounded by great places. Here are our favourite dutch-bees proof spots. New spot Restaurant Instock, Buitenhof 36,” There’s a new restaurant in town housed in a special building right across at the Binnenhof, Instock. That put food waste on the map! See you in ‘The Hague’!
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These are our picks for events worth visiting in The Hague. From mouthwatering healthy food festivals and all populair sustainable, mindful city events. Mark them down and see you there! On 25th of September you are welcome to visit a really cool event at the Palace Garden in The Hague, Peace in the park. The festival encourages small inner change, rewarding not only for your own personal life, but also for those in your immediate surroundings. Read more >>



In The Hague we’re surrounded by great people with a passion and love for the city. Like the fantastic UF002, they came up with great new initiative “The Rooftop farm” Crisp, green lettuces and juicy, shiny tomatoes are thriving on a city rooftop and fish are swimming one floor down. Urban farming is the future and the future is right here in The Hague, just a few kilometers from city center. The largest urban rooftop farm in Europe is called UF002 The Schilde! See you in ‘The Hague’!
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Time for a challenge. Start the 10-day no-waste challenge! Join us, put reduce waste on your agenda and discover how to prevent it! Find more challenge >>